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They say that it's difficult for artists to make a living out of their talent, and many studies prove that this statement seems to be true. But I believe that it doesn't have to be like that. With the significant technological advancements which we are witnessing since the rise of the internet, making a living, even with art, should be possible for many, many more artists. We at Velártez are the first online art gallery that is going to prove it.

Michele Moscaritoli

Founder & CEO

Why Buy Art from


Handpicked Artists

Only handpicked artists. Our team of experts and curators visits countless exhibitions each year to spot new, undiscovered talents and unseen works.


Value Rising

We will never recommend buying art as an investment. Still, it is nice to know that we actively try to establish our artists in the market. A rise in the value of your piece acquired may very well happen in future.


Career Building

We believe passionately in our artists and maintain close relationships. We support them in organizing exhibitions, both locally and internationally, to boost their careers.

What Our Collectors Say:

I was never talented enough to paint myself. But that does not stop me from collecting art. Velá is a beautiful Online Art Gallery that offers excellent support and outstanding artworks. Absolutely recommend!

Patricia D.

Marketing Manager, Paris, France

I have always been fascinated by handcrafted art. Now that I am financially settled, I can support young talents through acquiring their pieces. Velá is a great online art gallery which offered excellent service.

Julia K.

Collector, Berlin, Germany

We believe that artwork can enrich one’s life and improve our society. Buying art from Velá is an excellent way of improving our home while supporting young artists before they establish on the market.

Antje & Peter S.

Art Lovers, Hamburg, Germany

I expect my employees to give each day their best. To do so, they deserve the best working conditions. Sure thing that I create that atmosphere also by exposing them to outstanding artworks from Velá

Mike M.

Entrepreneur, London, UK