Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you guarantee the provenience of the artworks?

    We, at Velártez, guarantee that all the artworks and art derivatives offered on our webpage, wether originals, prints, and/or limited edition, are in fact works that are either handmade or authorized by the artists themselves in the limitations specified. We maintain close relationships with our artists and have signed contracts which every one of them to secure your interest as our collector. For that, you have the option to choose one of two different certificates of authenticity. You can also, of course, get both certificates.

  • What are the different certificates of authenticity that you issue?

    As mentioned, you can choose one of two certificates or both. One is the original certificate of authenticity, that is issued by the artist. This one comes always with the original artwork itself as it is printed, signed, and added to the delivery by the artist itself. In cases of prints or art derivatives, however, the certificate may reach you separately from the work. This is because the print might be issued and shipped by a third partner while the certificate of authenticity is still sent by the artist.

    The second, and optional certificate of authenticity is a Tagsmart certificate of authenticity.

  • What is the Certificate of Authenticity issued by Tagsmart?

    Tagsmart Certificates of Authenticity are the most advanced Certificates of Authenticity on the market.

    Tagsmart is a highly renowned and innovative art player, located in the heart of London. their certificates are a unique and secure document of ownership, a Tagsmart Certificate protects you against fraud and, by fostering trust and credibility in the art market, can add value to your work.

    Each Certificate contains a host of security features, from encoded cut patterns to invisible proprietary makers, making it the most secure documentation in the art market today. Tagsmart Certificates are printed on high-quality, 270gsm archival paper, and packed in protective envelopes.

    If a Tagsmart Certificate is available for the work you are purchasing, a button will appear in your basket. Simply click on this to add a Certificate to your order.

    When you purchase a Tagsmart Certificate it will be dispatched to you separately from the artwork. You may receive emails from Tagsmart inviting you to access additional information about your artwork, including notes on provenance, ownership, condition, and more. This service is free of charge.

    1. Every Certificate links to an online artwork Provenance Record. To view this visit and enter the artwork ID in the search box. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code with a smartphone using a QR code reader. Please note that the digital record may have been made private by the artwork owner.
    2. Artwork information supplied by the creator of the Tagsmart artwork record.
    3. Details of the past and current artwork owner. Please note that this information will only appear on the paper Certificate at the discretion of the individual who issues it. It will never be shown on the public Provenance Record.
    4. Each Tagsmart Certificate is signed by the artist or us on behalf of the artist.
    5. The holographic-bordered tape peels off to reveal a unique 6-digit code. Doing so voids the Certificate and should only be removed if instructed to do so by Tagsmart.

  • How does your Money Back Guarantee work?

    We at Velártez grant our customers a 14 days free refund policy. It means that you can claim a full refund on your original artwork acquired if the artwork does not meet your expectation.

    The Money-back guarantee is granted only on original artworks, whether paintings, drawings, collages, installations, and sculptures. Please note that we do not refund prints, limited edition prints, art derivatives, or lifestyle products as these are manufactured individually upon your specific order.

    Also, we do not cover the costs of reconsignment.

  • Why are you not refunding print, limited edition prints, art derivatives, and lifestyle products?

    Prints, limited edition prints, art derivatives, and lifestyle products are excluded from our refund policy because they are manufactured exclusively for you after you have placed the order.

    If in case of unforeseen events, your delivery reaches you not in unsatisfying conditions, we will steel do our best to remedy the defect.

  • What does Free Shipping mean at Velártez?

    Should your order exceed a total amount of 500€, shipping will be free of charge for you.

    Please note that we do not cover the costs of reconsignment.

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