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30 October 2020
| Interview

Thousands of Deaths, the Cultural Revolution, & the Art of Tian Taiquan

A few weeks ago, I brought up to a good friend of mine that I am lacking a good photographer in the portfolio for my Art Gallery. Mundane and sophisticated as she is, she immediately showed me some artworks of her friend Tian Taiquan. I was blown away, got in touch with him, and boom, here we are. Well, frankly speaking, it was not as easy as it may sound....

26 August 2020
| Interview

How the Collapse of the Wall Influenced the Art of Mathias Roloff

It looks like social media is an excellent place to discover new artists. So it happened with Mathias Roloff as well. Those colorful, surreal appearing landscape paintings sparkling with magical elements caught my attention. Long story short, I got in touch with him and met him in his studio. This is what we talked about: Velártez: Mathias, for starters, let me ask a few simple questions: When and where were...

31 July 2020
| Interview

Interview with Romeo Melikyan

While browsing through Instagram, I casually stumbled upon Romeo Melikyan, a young, expressionist painter, living and working in Armenia. The dark nature of his works, even though sparkling with color, hit my eye with lasting interest. Since he is living and working in Armenia, he agreed on talking with me through a webcam. I got to know Romeo as a very polite, educated, and humble artist, regardless of his remarkable...

28 February 2020
| Interview

Interview with Shantia Zaker Ameli

I wish I could tell you a cool story about how I casually stumbled upon Shantia’s works, was amazed, and asked him to work with me. But it was nothing like that. First of all, Shantia is already a well-known artist in Iran and the Middle-East. So plenty of people knew about him far before me. And secondly, a dear friend of mine is currently studying with him at the...

21 February 2020
| Interview

Interview with Vasil Berela

While enjoying last year’s walkabout of the Weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin, I casually stumbled upon the studio of Vasil Berela. From all the works exposed, he was undoubtedly one of a kind. Don’t get me wrong; there were many beautiful works of many artists exhibiting. But somehow, Vasil’s studio with his exhibits, I did not forget. Reason enough to talk plainly with him about his by anarchy lived...

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