Mathias Roloff - Pausing on the Way (2018)

750 €
Author: Mathias Roloff

Metamorphoses are the leitmotif of Mathias Roloff's drawings and mixed media, which focus on human figures. Individually or in groups, they embody suffering, mostly androgynous creatures, which remain in strangely contorted poses and have multiplied, overlong, often fragmented limbs. Naked, spindly, defenseless, and vulnerable, they seem to be shattered by the imposed morality, gender roles, and genre boundaries.

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Mathias Roloff

Grown in Eastern Germany during the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mathias Roloff’s work is undeniably influenced by the prevailing circumstances of the beginning of the new era. The subsequent rise of capitalism and the overweening consumption flooding society are issues that have a lasting impact on his work.

“Mathias’s works can be seen as parts of a dystopian fantasy backdrop. In doing so, he draws an arc from the Flemish landscape painting of the 16th century to Paul Klee’s color fields, based on a mixture of representationalism and pictorial relationships.”

(Christoph Tannert)

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  • Crayon, Ink & Gouache on Paper
  • Figuartive
  • Unframed
  • Dimensions: 70 x 50
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