Collage "Through the Time - 2 (2020)" by Romeo Melikyan showin several building and several clocks on blue ground

Romeo Melikyan - Through the Time Nr.2 (2020)

1000 €
Author: Romeo Melikyan
In many of Romeo's works, cities seem abandoned. But even though left, one can still feel the energy of the people that were once filling them with life. Time often seems to play a role as well. "It is as if time assimilates life. All humans' intentions are leading to war and destruction. Fishlike airplanes falling from the sky express the dominance of technology over nature and humanity itself. What kind of society are we building is the question that is always echoing from my works." (Romeo Melikyan)
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Romeo Melikyan wearing blue jeans and grey shirt standing in front of his sculptures flying objects

Romeo Melikyan is a gifted and audacious Armenian artist that lives and works in Tavush, a small town located in the conflict zone of Armenia at the border to Azerbaijan.  Overcoming various obstacles during his academic period, as well as through the ongoing conflict between his home- and neighboring country, with patience, persistence, and ambition, Romeo creates complex artworks that express his perception of the world. “My works usually depict contemporary events and carry a message for the future.”

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  • Collage
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