Liu Ruowang - Melody Warrior 1 (2010 - 2011)

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Author: Liu Ruowang
Bo Ya was an excellent player of Zither, and Zhong Ziqi was an excellent appreciator. After the later died, the former smashed his Zither, and never played it again for the rest of his life, as he believed that no one in the world would understand his music but Zhong Ziqi. "Grand Mountains and Floating Rivers" is the name of this well-known Chinese melody, which expresses the hope of finding a bosom friend.
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Liu Ruowang is a worldwide renowned, Chinese artist, originating from the mountainous area of Jia Xian in the district of Yulin. At the end of his post-graduate study at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Liu Ruowang was awarded the “Light of the Academy”-Prize for his installation “The East is Red.” Since then, much has happened, and today, his works are exhibited all around the globe, such as Turin, Venice, Florence, Naples, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, and Queenstown. They are found in private collections and prestigious museums worldwide.

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  • Cast Copper
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