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Bar Fight (2016)

1500 €
Author: Jhonie van Boeijen
According to Jhonie van Boeijen, a broken sconce that she discovered in a bar inside of London inspired her to the painting “The reason I decided to use this image is that the motive expresses fragility, sadness, and beauty at the same time.”
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Jhonie van Boeijen works with oil paint on linen and tries to find elevation in the mundane. “We live in a society that is overrun by imagery, mostly fake due to social media. Filters became a part of our reality; it’s hard to browse social media without finding just the slightest improvements on a picture.” Working with this idea of social media, she has been transforming imagery from her near surroundings into fragments of a non-existing reality; she adds filters to amplify the color and contrast until she finds a perfect copy of that particular moment in time.

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  • Oil on Canvas
  • Still-Life
  • Unframed
  • Dimensions: 70 x 120
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