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The Tap (2017)

1000 €
Author: Jhonie van Boeijen
As mentioned in an interview, anything can inspire Jhonie van Boeijen. “The Tap” is a marvelous example of it. A snapshot of a scene that at first sight couldn’t seem more trivial. “It is the first painting that I created during my stay in Groningen, showing a tap in my current bathroom.” A situation that certainly everybody can relate to and set in scene masterly by the artist.


Jhonie van Boeijen works with oil paint on linen and tries to find elevation in the mundane. “We live in a society that is overrun by imagery, mostly fake due to social media. Filters became a part of our reality; it’s hard to browse social media without finding just the slightest improvements on a picture.” Working with this idea of social media, she has been transforming imagery from her near surroundings into fragments of a non-existing reality; she adds filters to amplify the color and contrast until she finds a perfect copy of that particular moment in time.

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  • Oil on Canvas
  • Still-Life
  • Unframed
  • Dimensions: 55 x 40
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