Expressionist painting of Romeo Melikyan showing a crowd of people chasing two people in front of a burning bilding

Romeo Melikyan - Incident in the City Nr.7 (2013)

8250 €
Author: Romeo Melikyan

The painted buildings seem to be empty and lifeless, resembling enormous ghosts. Looking at these ghosts, one can feel the smell of panic and silence. At the same time, the crowd, which has come to fill the strange emptiness, aims at bringing us back to reality, and the truth in the paintings is the expression of the inner struggle and the rebellion seething in their souls.  To make the works even sharper, Romeo Melikyan keeps the place and time uncertain, leaving the viewer in complicated and deep thoughts.

After taking a look at Romeo's works, we understand that in the person of Romeo Melikyan, we deal with a severe and unique artist who, with his restless and constant quests, will amaze not only those who appreciate his art but the art experts as well.

(Vardan Vardanyan)
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Romeo Melikyan wearing blue jeans and grey shirt standing in front of his sculptures flying objects

Romeo Melikyan is a gifted and audacious Armenian artist that lives and works in Tavush, a small town located in the conflict zone of Armenia at the border to Azerbaijan.  Overcoming various obstacles during his academic period, as well as through the ongoing conflict between his home- and neighboring country, with patience, persistence, and ambition, Romeo creates complex artworks that express his perception of the world. “My works usually depict contemporary events and carry a message for the future.”

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  • Oil on Canvas
  • Still-Life
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  • Dimensions: 100 x 130
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