Few people chilling on a salty landscape in Iran staring into an immensely blue sky

Shantia Zaker Ameli - Salt and Space (2011)

3750 €
Author: Shantia Zaker Ameli
“Salty Landscapes around Iran are one of my favorite motives for my paintings. These flat, white plains invite visitors for recreational purposes, and so is the effect on the viewer. Time and space seem to stand still here, which creates a magical atmosphere. Not only is the earth covered under a white blanket, but space seems to be its celestial bed with magical objects floating into it.
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Shantia Zaker Ameli is an Iranian artist, who lives and works in the Netherlands. After graduating with his Bachelor as a painter at the Art Academy in Asfahan, Shantia deepend his education with a Master of Fine Arts in Therean, and currently a second one in the Netherlands. Due to his long experience in Iran, Shantia`s works can be found in the Teheran Contemporary Meusem of Art, the Esfahan Contemporary Meusem of Art, as well as in the Fereydun Ave collection, the Pejman Foundation, and private collections in Dubai, Vancouver, London, Paris, and L.A

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  • Oil on Canvas
  • Realism
  • Unframed
  • Dimensions: 100 x 150
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