Portrait of a girl wearing a wooly reading a book

Vasil Berela - Alma Mater (2015)

Author: Vasil Berela
Alma Mater” is a beautiful piece of art originating during Vasil Barela’s indecisive period. As mentioned in an interview, it was a difficult time in his life stuck between developed, sophisticated painting techniques and the sincere wish to grow further in a different direction. After having been accepted at the Weißensee Academy of Art, his desire became a reality.
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Vasil Berela sitting in his studio staring at his sculpture of a sleeping woman

Jhonie van Boeijen works with oil paint on linen and tries to find elevation in the mundane. “We live in a society that is overrun by imagery, mostly fake due to social media. Filters became a part of our reality; it’s hard to browse social media without finding just the slightest improvements on a picture.” Working with this idea of social media, she has been transforming imagery from her near surroundings into fragments of a non-existing reality; she adds filters to amplify the color and contrast until she finds a perfect copy of that particular moment in time.

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