Mateo Navarro, Medea (2019)

290 €
Author: Mateo Navarro
In Greek mythology, Medea learns the principles of sorcery from her aunt, goddess, and magician Circe. From the dark background of a catwalk, a powerful woman emerges, heavily laden with accessories and dramatic facial features. Her armor presents her ready for battle but reveals also her serenity and tranquility. Medea looks towards the horizon knowing that victory is certain. But she understands that she must pay a very high price. A sacrifice that no one but her is willing to pay.
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Mateo Navarro is a remarkable emerging filmmaker, journalist, and fashion photographer based in Bogotá, Colombia. Mateo discovered his talent for photography at a very young age and developed it further until today. Due to hard work, love for art, photography, and fashion, Mateo has made a name for himself as being a serious, independent fashion journalist. Today he is a popular fashion photographer on all major fashion shows in South America.

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  • Original Photograph by Mateo Navarro
  • "Medea"
  • Unframed
  • Mixed Media Digital Photograph
  • Limited Edition of 19
  • 4 Variations - There will not be any further variations