Tian Taiquan, Memory of Time Nr. 3 (2008)

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Author: Tian Taiquan
The background of the work shows extracts of old newspapers during the Chongqing Cultural Revolution in 1967. The newspapers were run by the two major rebel factions of Chongqing City, which called themselves "815" and "Fighting to the End". The words, even today, show us the cruelty and bloodiness of the fighting, as well as the deep hatred for each other. The newspapers on both sides published photos of the dead from the armed struggles, and are full of words such as "collecting blood debts", "revenging", and "killing". They insulted each other as "counter-revolutionaries" and "killing demons", flaunting themselves as the most revolutionary and supportive arm of Chairman Mao’s Red Guards. These yellowed old newspapers reproduce that period of history that seems to be forgotten and covered in dust. Tian Taiquan was only between six and eight years old when he witnessed the madness.
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Born in Chongqing in 1960, Tian Taiquan graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institution in 1984 as one of the early adopters in conceptual photography in China. Tian’s most renowned series’, namely “Lost”, “Totem Recollection”, etc. pick on the Chinese Red Guards in the Cultural Revolution, which as a child, he had to witness. Tian Taiquan’s works have been exhibited in several solo-, and group exhibitions, such as in China, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Australia, and Korea. They enrich the collections of numerous international institutions, like the University of Wisconsin, the University of Salford in the United Kingdom, the Guanfu Museum, the Shijiazhuang Contemporary Art Museum, and the Macao Museum of Art.

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  • Original Photograph by Tian Taiquan
  • "Memory of Time Nr. 3"
  • 120 x 195
  • Mixed Media Digital Photograph
  • Limited Edition of 10
  • Unframed